Our Approach

We have a single minded approach, to deliver just what you need, when you need it


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Getting the requirements right will determine the success or failure of the project.

Completely understanding your needs and goals will allow us to deliver just what you need. During this consultation period we will explore all areas of the projects. If appropriate we will also make you aware of what can be achieved using new software and coding.





Before we start to build anything we will provide you with wire frame prototypes that will allow you to check your new project.

We find that seeing everything in a simulated way helps you to formulate ideas and ensures everything is in the right place and looks as you hope.

Only when everything is perfect will we put everything into code.






During the development we ensure your concepts and ideas become a reality. We also understand that being perfect on the coding does not alway mean a great user experience will follow. As things come to life we look at the end user experience to ensure it is perfectly coded but gives a great experience too.

Good development means we have to be very flexible.





There is nothing worse than releasing buggy software.

We have a team dedicated to checking, assessing and debugging website software. By doing so we not only find bugs but also ensure your customers and staff will get a great user experience.

We make sure your software has a really good test drive. 


Launch Time

When the big day arrives everything will go well, but our support does not stop there.

Our technical team will monitor the hosting and be there if you need anything. We can provide you with ongoing support and ongoing development to ensure your software is up to date and changes with your business.

It's just not software, it's your business.


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