Effective Technology

As technology changes, clients and donors will expect charities to provide this technology in their daily communications. Making your interactions simple and easy is key to keeping any charity effective.


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Communication with everyone connected with your charity is of prime importance.

Each system we build is built in a way that works for you, so you can communicate what is important.

We want your new system to make a real positive impact and create real rewards.





Many of our clients have very specific needs and requirements.

Our team of developers will develop solutions which specifically suit your requirements and demands.

These can range from API development to mobile App applications.



New Functionality

As charities become more digitally interactive more functionality is required.

Some of these services include advanced analytics that monitor every aspect of your website and marketing campaigns. Smart email that looks after your newsletters and user groups and responds automatically to user interests. 

You will also be able to monitor and respond to all your social media and schedule your posts all from your CRM system.  

We have the solutions you are looking for.




You're Totally Secure

We are obsessive about security.

Each platform is handwritten, secured with SSL security and hosted on our Superfast servers behind epic firewalls.

We understand you cannot risk your data being compromised at any cost.