Event Management


Using 3rd party software to manage your events can be expensive and may not fit in with your event requirements. By using your own event management tools you can easily promote your events the way you want to.


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Marketing Events

Empowering your team to create interactive and great looking event webpages online will allow them to promote your events like never before.

With a simple click you can create web pages or entire websites in your own style that can be used to promote all kinds of events.

With payment functionality built in, you can take full control of your events.



Event Administration

Event administration is more than just putting on a successful event, it is ensuring that the event runs well and is successful.

Effective software will allow you to not only manage every aspect of the event but help your charity engage in stronger communications with everyone involved. Building strong communication is key to long term relationships with donors and clients.



Crowd Funding

Adding crowd funding functionality can encourage donors to give more, knowing their donations will be used for a specific purpose.

It can also be made available for volunteer events, enabling them to get sponsorship, funding and donations which is then paid directly to your charity.  



Event Software

Once created, the software can be used constantly to create new events.

Any functionality that you require can be added to ensure your events run smoothly. Issue tickets, manage payments, market all your events, all with no additional 3rd party software.

Your events, your way.